Interior Design Consultation


You want to get your interiors just right and you're ready for some proper professional help. Not because you lack good taste, but because you're not certain about your next step.

In a consultation package designed to encourage and challenge your creativity, you will receive the following benefits:

  • I'll visit your home to learn more about you, your lifestyle and style preference
  • We discuss the spaces that need refreshing, explore how to arrange each area and agree a final budget
  • Together we decide on a final colour palette, the style of furniture and accessories and the overall look that you want to achieve
  • Guided by the personal changes you feel confident about making for yourself, I create and present a design unique to your needs that details a clear vision of how to apply your colour scheme, choose furniture and accessories, and plan your space to suit your lifestyle 

Working together to transform your home begins with a collaborative relationship rooted in open communication and the creation of ideas inspired by your personality.

Having a home that complements you perfectly is truly transformative - consider this package as a positive and empowering step to start from.

 Anne-Marie focused and specified my preferences very accurately, working with her has been invaluable to me and I was extremely impressed with the consultation and delivery of her work. I found Anne-Marie's vision, perception, knowledge and styling inspirational


Personal Shopping


It’s time to pick up those all-important accessories and furnishings. The ones to  breathe life into your home. All you need is full access to the best places to shop, an awareness of exactly which items you really want and the satisfaction of a great deal. 

Shopping with someone invested in getting everything right as much as you are is one of the best elements of working with a design professional. 

Our personal shopping expedition can focus on finding just one particular item, or a selection of key items that top your list of must-haves. 

It's my job to lead you to your treasured piece and your job to discover how satisfying it is to indulge your creativity with the perfect finishing touches.

 We worked in joint effort to shop with the key words Anne-Marie suggested to describe my personal style and the outcome I wanted - my place is sensual, confident and individual to me now - thanks to shopping with a clear direction


Shopping & Styling Bonus Package


Once your home is ready for the final stage of redecoration, you may be ready for a fresh perspective on how to create the right balance of ambience, attention to detail and those special flourishes unique to you, for an environment that is both invigorating and peaceful.

With everything in place for the final reveal, working with a professional eye on where to position your treasured possessions, top down, from lighting to rugs to floral arrangements, is the ultimate vital step for transforming your home. 

This rewarding package promises:

  • Decisive editing of your personal collection to combine old and new possessions and show them at their best
  • A considered space organised and styled to make life easier
  • Personal shopping on your behalf to find any missing pieces or essential last minute additions
  • Optional addition of wardrobe organisation to declutter and free up more space in your room and further enhance your wellbeing

Making lasting change for yourself and your home can be a gratifying experience, and I offer these services to you for ultimate peace of mind in achieving this rewarding dream.

Omit the concern and time-consuming pressure you may be feeling about making necessary changes at home by contacting House to Hold to discuss your first step.