Interior Design + Styling at House to Hold

Welcome to the world of House to Hold, where interior design meets warmth, responsibility, and a touch of magic. As the founder and interior designer, I had the pleasure of working on numerous high-end residential projects that exude the charm of classic modern style while embracing the values of responsible consumerism.

One notable success was a residential property transformation that left a lasting impression on the local market. By replacing the flooring with natural fibre carpets and infusing the colour palette with soothing blues and greens, we created a space that stood out and captivated potential buyers. Pairing classic modern furniture and accessories completed the look, resulting in an immediate re-listing and a higher selling price.

In the heart of Bayswater, a grand residential townhouse became a canvas for our creative vision. We styled a home that included a private cinema, gym, and an additional mews house, earning a coveted spot in Living Etc magazine's House Tours. It was a testament to our ability to curate a space that speaks volumes about the people who inhabit it.

Our passion for community-driven projects led to a delightful partnership with Domus Nova and Goldfinger Factory. Styling a converted townhouse by Cubic Studios on Portobello Road in a Modernist style update was a truly heartwarming experience. We collaborated with local suppliers and craftspeople, ensuring that every element chosen contributed to a positive impact on the community. An auction event hosted at the property not only promoted the talented designers but also benefited the incredible Goldfinger Factory.

From working with members of a royal family in Belsize Park to transforming the residence of a C-suite tech individual in Fulham, we have taken on projects that required a comprehensive approach. Redesigning layouts, managing complete renovations, and overseeing construction and budgets were all part of delivering turnkey homes that exceeded expectations.

At House to Hold, we took pride in our signature style, carefully curating colour palettes, natural materials, and organic shapes to create warm, thoughtful modern-classic interiors. Our dedication to responsible design went beyond aesthetics; it was a mindful approach that considered the impact on both the environment and personal well-being. The studio closed its doors in 2021, yet I have continued to consult and design with the values and practices so carefully developed during its creation.

I believe that individual choices have the power to positively impact the community, both locally and globally. As a result, our designs reflect the harmony between responsible consumerism and inviting spaces that make people feel good.

My creative direction is rooted in intuition and balance. Each design I craft is a reflection of my empathic approach, ensuring that every space exudes comfort, elegance, and a touch of excitement. I believe in uplifting people through design, making them eager to work with me, seek my opinion, and value my voice.

I invite you to join me on a journey of inspired interiors, where creativity meets responsibility, and every space tells a unique story. Let's create homes that not only make hearts sing but also make a positive impact on the world around us. Together, we can design spaces that nurture the soul and elevate the human experience.

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